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Talent Game is the fastest and most engaging route to inclusive talent management. 
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"Brilliant experience to help me think more strategically on the process of team development. I learned how everything - engagement, capability, diversity – is connected to performance and how I can influence as a leader."

Danil Dranikov

Senior Manager

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Talent Game delivers the benefits of inclusive talent management:

  • Easier to attract and retain the best talent

  • More diverse and inclusive teams

  • Effective preparation of future leaders

  • Higher performing, more engaged teams managed by properly supported leaders

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Complex and competitive: a truly lifelike experience of strategic talent management

Leaders have never been under more pressure. They are facing unprecedented business challenges whilst having to engage and upskill workforces weary from the pandemic.


The battle to attract and retain the best talent is real. The most common tactic in this battle is ever-increasing pay, which is unsustainable for business and will not create more inclusive, higher performing teams.   

Talent Game recreates these challenges in a safe and realistic way, and allows participants to overcome them through highly engaging and sociable gameplay. 

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Learn by doing: this is not Powerpoint

There are more new-in-post leaders than ever, yet traditional leadership and management training remains dry and theoretical. It is not fit for purpose to tackle the critical issue facing every organisation right now: how do we empower leaders to create a more inclusive, agile and future-ready culture. 


By immersing them into a unique game experience, leaders get to actually practice taking, and seeing the impact of, the decisions needed to deliver the shift required. Then they are equipped to do so for real. 

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Proven and memorable: knowledge is retained for rapid and enduring value

Talent Game is based on ProfitAbility's proven "learn by doing" formula which ensures 90% more effective knowledge retention compared to traditional training methods.


Leaders grasp in hours what would take years in the real world which dramatically accelerates their "time to performance". 

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Don't just take our word for it...
Talent Game is relevant for any leader of people in any business

Course Flow

Talent Game has a standard format but can be modified in any way to ensure appropriate positioning, length and outcomes for your needs
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Round 1

Talent & 

2 hours

​Topics and tasks:

Setting a talent strategy

Connecting decisions to outcomes

The benefits of investing in yourself

Key learning:

What talent management is and how it contributes to performance

Round 2


2 hours

​Topics and tasks:

Recruiting internally vs externally

Reducing bias in hiring

What motivates people

Key learning:

How informed hiring decisions build high performing, diverse teams

Round 3


2 hours

​Topics and tasks:

Inclusive vs exclusive talent management

The nature of potential

Preparing your replacement

Key learning:

How to develop people to fulfil their potential whilst preparing for the future

Round 4

Wellbeing &

2 hours

​Topics and tasks:

Engagement or wellbeing?

Responding to the unexpected

Creating the right culture

Key learning:

The leader’s responsibility for the engagement and wellbeing of their team members

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About us

We accelerate the development of leaders to build more inclusive organisations

Talent Game is one of the latest experiences built by ProfitAbility, a world leading game-based learning creator. 

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