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"The best training I have ever had"

We hear this from at least one participant on every course we run. 

Here's why...

Terms like succession planning, unconscious bias and inclusion are ambiguous, confusing and often scary to many people managers. Incorporating these topics into a game scenario allows them to be discovered (not taught) in a fun way.  

We are all competitive at heart and when we are immersed in an engaging experience we have the capacity to absorb information that ordinarily would go in one ear and out the other.

Who is this for?

Talent Game is for any leader of people in any organisation. Human nature is pretty universal!

Our typical cohorts are made up of new-in-post leaders, managers on fast-track development pathways or any leadership group responsible for delivering more inclusive, higher performing organisations. 

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How does it work?

Each game sees between 12 and 24 participants working in smaller teams, with each team playing the role of a virtual team leader in the game.


They are competing against other teams to build the most engaged, capable, diverse and high performing team - led at all times by expert facilitators. 

Each team has access to their own web-based digital game and each game round (simulating a year of real time) sees teams making a range of decisions around training and development, pay and recruitment.

Although the winners overall will be the ones who develop the highest performing team, each game round carries its own unique KPI to incentivize application of different learning exercises.

What is the key learning for participants?

  • How talent management informs business performance

  • How informed hiring creates diverse teams

  • The win-wins of effective succession planning

  • How to manage the wellbeing & engagement of their team

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Course flow

Round 1

Talent & 

2 hours

​Topics and tasks:

Setting a talent strategy

Connecting decisions to outcomes

The benefits of investing in yourself

Key learning:

What talent management is and how it contributes to performance

Round 2


2 hours

​Topics and tasks:

Recruiting internally vs externally

Reducing bias in hiring

What motivates people

Key learning:

How informed hiring decisions build high performing, diverse teams

Round 3


2 hours

​Topics and tasks:

Inclusive vs exclusive talent management

The nature of potential

Preparing your replacement

Key learning:

How to develop people to fulfil their potential whilst preparing for the future

Round 4

Wellbeing &

2 hours

​Topics and tasks:

Engagement or wellbeing?

Responding to the unexpected

Creating the right culture

Key learning:

The leader’s responsibility for the engagement and wellbeing of their team members

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