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Open sessions

These sessions are for anyone who wants to find out more about Talent Game and experience a taster of the course. 

Lasting 2.5 hours, over Zoom and led by an expert facilitator, you’ll be quickly immersed into Talent Game with your fellow participants and compete as part of a team for two game rounds. 


You’ll be playing the role of a leader of a virtual team trying to build a more diverse, more engaged and higher performing team than your competitors.


Through a completely hands on experience, you'll discover: 

  • the connection between talent management and performance

  • how to devise effective talent strategies

  • how informed hiring reduces bias and increases diversity

  • the win-win benefits of succession planning

  • how to manage wellbeing and engagement 


...and we guarantee it will be the most engaging and enjoyable "training" you'll do this year!

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